Why I decided to write this blog

Why did I decide to write this blog?

A few years ago, I started a travel blog and I know the commitment needed. Especially when it is not your job and you do it on your spare time as a hobby. So when I considered starting hops and numbers I gave it serious thought. I knew I was trading hours in which I could read, watch series or go for a walk. So, I reflected on whether or not this is worth it and I wanted to tell you why I think it is.

This is a story that I look forward to sharing.

When Mr. H&N and I considered documenting and publishing our path I thought “what would I write about?”. So many ideas came to my mind that I knew that I had a story to tell. Our idea is not only to speak about the numbers behind our path to FI but also the complete experience. How we live, how we make decisions and why, what we like and dislike, what works for us and what doesn’t.

I hope to find a community with our same values even if our reality as Spanish citizen will more likely be a bit different.

I hope to connect with the FI community in Europe.

Our intro to the concept of financial independence was through the usual suspects: MMM, JL Collins, Mad Fientist, etc. Personally, I was very interested in the stories of people documenting their path to FI. They are very generous, allowing us to peak into their lives and feelings. I felt much identified with their stories.

However, as the vast majority of bloggers are from the US, their experience is influenced by the country. So we had to adapt it to Europe. The are many differences: healthcare, retirement accounts, pensions, investing views, etc. So several strategies don’t really apply to Europe. Through this blog we hope to connect with European bloggers and learn how to translate the FI strategies.

Just the fact of writing ideas forces you to make a deeper reflection. Also to be curious about other points of view and understand every option. All this is very valuable for me.

Writing helps me reflect and put ideas in order.

Before making the decision I wrote 3 or 4 drafts. I plan to write about what I feel like in each moment: money, life, tricks, etc. But just by putting my ideas into paper I am forced to think deeper, to understand myself better. And this process is very value-adding for me.

It is also a shared project with Mr. H&N and we are both excited and scared at the same time. Since we started thinking about the idea of starting this blog we have had an endless source of conversations and I love it!


  1. Buenos días, Sr. Hops & Numbers! Greetings from Lanzarote. I’m a Dutch guy in Spain, and I’m right at the beginning of this path. Great to find an English-language blog from Spain about FI/RE. I’ll be following and commenting along!

  2. Hi Mrs H&N.

    Great that you are writing in English. I knew your Spanish blog, and it was a surprise to find this one.

    At the beginning of my blogging life 🙂 I had to decide whether to write in English or in Spanish. I decided Spanish, somehow it makes sense to me to bring ideas that I read in English to the Spanish community, I have a chance for innovation. However, the English speaking community is much larger, more efficient for generating and transferring ideas. Do you plan to keep both blogs in the long term? A kind of cross-fertilization experiment. Nice, but it could require quite some effort.

    Good luck!

    • Hi Willyfog!

      Nice to see you here 🙂 We started with the Spanish one because we believe that the FI journey is quite defined by the country where you live (taxes, investment regulation etc) so we believe there is a lot to be learned from the Spanish community. But as you said, the English community is bigger and more “advanced” in the FI journey, so we are trying to be part of both. If nothing else, it will help us to stay updated with our English hehe.

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