Two sheeps without a flock

Reviewing travel photos I came across this photo and it seemed like a good metaphor for how I feel sometimes. Like a sheep with no flock. Well, like two. Because without Mr Lyn by my side this path would not be possible.

The importance of the partner

The road to financial independence involves a lifestyle change.

It will be more or less drastic depending on the objectives you set. But the change is undeniable.

The first person that has to be convinced is your partner. It has to be a common project, since it will require effort and sacrifices. And if only one of the two is convinced, it is difficult. Very difficult.

By saying this I don’t mean that the two people have to be at the same level. There is always one more frugal and other more inclined to indulge. One with an agressive risk profile and other more conservative. One prioritizes this and the other that. It’s life.

In my opinion what is important is that you both understand the IF path and undertake it with energy and enthusiasm.

In our case, Mr Lyn had been convinced since 2017. I did not want to hear anything about it back then. As a result, there was no consistency in our savings or our investments in 2017.

Once he convinced me (it took some time but he persevered) the results were visible immediately. And here I am, writing this blog!

Now FI is the adventure of our lives. Our secret. Well, we share it with you 🙂 Because as today nobody in our environment knows about it.

How to incorporate family and friends?

The truth is that travelling this path alone is not always easy. As I saidabove, for us it’s the adventure of our lives. But we are not sharing it with those who matter the most to us.

I find it very difficult to explain it to those close to me, especially my family. I don’t know how to start the conversation, how to make them part of it.

While I write this post our parents don’t anything about it. Neither do our friends. And of course neither do extended family and friends.

At home, we don’t talk about money. Much less investing. And if you talk about saving and not spending, you’re stingy.

We have friends that I think would understand us and to whom we could talk. They would be interested in the idea of ​​FI and they would not think we are crazy. They would be curious, respect our decision and even give us ideas and suggestions. Maybe encourage us.

But when I think about telling my parents “we are trying to achieve financial independence” I know it would not work. And if I explain “we are saving to invest in the stock market and in a few years have enough money to not need our jobs to live” they would be in shock. They know that we save because they see our daily life but they don’t understand why we don’t “enjoy life more”.

So at this point, dear reader, I ask for your help. I would love to know your experience. If you come from a middle class environment like ours and you decided to take this path, do you talk to your family and friends? How do you introduce the topic? How do they respond?

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