Building Castles in the Sky

Mrs Lyn and I are a bit obsessive when it comes to making important decisions. We discuss the consequences of each alternative, the consequences of the consequences, the long term and the short term, we think what would happen if the circumstances change with each alternative …

Occasionally we do it by having a beer on a Friday or having breakfast on a Saturday. But when we are most productive is when we are on a road trip. Road trips allow us to travel and discover places but also give us hours to reflect together without distractions. And we love it!

long term plan of financial independence

As you know, at the end of this year we have to make an important decision. So we are starting to think about it. In fact, since I was visiting the USA, we rented a car and went on a trip to Vermont. It was the perfect setup for a great conversation about our future in the medium and long term.

So much reflection can seem pointless, but it has many benefits. The apparent slowness of turning everything around makes us much more agile making decisions when opportunities arise or when circumstances change.

For example, when I was offered the project I´m currently doing in London, I had to decide in one day and start the following day. I was able to make the decision so quickly because Mrs. Lyn and I had talked at length about our options and our goals. When the offer was presented, we had already evaluated all advantages and disadvantages. So taking action was very easy for us.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable


Only by knowing your objective can you take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Sometimes these options will seem counterintuitive from the outside. If you’re working to achieve financial independence, you know what I mean. It seems silly to “deprive” yourself of the latest cellphone when you could easily buy it. But you know that this small sacrifice is bringing you closer to your goal.

Another of the great benefits of building castles in the sky is that it makes us constantly be aligned with what we want. Knowing what we both want, especially if it’s not the same thing, seems very healthy. It can’t deny that sometimes is a source of arguments, but better an argument now than a big drama in two years.

And you, do you think about things a lot? Are you more impulsive? Do you build castles in the sky?

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  1. Definitely a good idea to discuss consequences over beers. The more beer, the more important they seem 🙂

    Beer cures everying!

    Nicely done blog. Just going through and learning.

    Thanks for posting.


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