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¿Who is Hops and Numbers?

We are a 30-something Spanish couple that write under Mr. Lyn and Mrs. Lyn. We are not finance gurus and we don’t pretend to be. We simply tell our story in our way to financial independence with our wins and losses. Our perspective in fully independent and personal.

We love to connect with people interested in FI so contact us even if it’s to say hi.

¿Why Hops and Numbers?

It all began with an spreadsheet. In our “life plan” spreadsheet we started calculating how our finances could evolve in the very long term. It quickly turned to more philosophical questions such as “What do you want to do when you retire?”, “Do you see yourself working in a coporation or a in a startup?”, etc.

We realised that we enjoy a lot these conversations. So we started doing it more often and with a beer… It is incredible to think how life can change in the long term. To help us plan better and build our ideal life we need to be clear about what we want (and don’t want).

We are very similar to each other. In fact, we are becoming more and more similar as time goes by. This is starting to be an issue as we pick up each other’s bad habits. Mr. Lyn has always loved ice cream, unlike Mrs. Lyn. Now we both like it so we can´t rescue each other….

However, we are still very different in many aspects. One of the most relevant is that Mr. Lyn has a natural inclination to being bery frugal while Mrs. Lyn values more spending in things that improve our lifes. For instance, Mrs. Lyn proposes a trip to Australia and our perspective is clearly not the same:

Nos dimos cuenta de que disfrutábamos mucho estas conversaciones. Así que las empezamos a hacer más a menudo, cerveza

-Mrs. Lyn (hops): it’s an awesome trip! Imagine the koalas, the beaches… a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

-Mr. Lyn (numbers): It’s so expensive! It would make us increase 50% our budget for that category, it would takes X months longer to reach FI, etc.

It could look like the difference in points of view makes argue all the time but that could’t be further from the truth. It is what prevents us from living in a tiny basement to save more or spending more on travelling than Phileas Fogg.


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