6 months in the US!

Last August I moved to the US for a 6 month project with my company. I´ll be living here until January 2019.

Excited about the new experience!

I think it will be a great professional experience. It is always very enriching to work with new people, but I believe it is specially so when you are in a totally new culture. It can also be challenging but great learnings come out of it.

On the personal side I have mixed feelings. I love living in new places and exploring new cities and cultures, but it will be the first time I do it on my own. Mr. Lyn was always my partner in crime. This is my first “solo” adventure, wish me luck!

Small note. It´s been already one month and it´s going well so far. I am seeing it as a personal development opportunity, because it is a good skill to be ok being on your own and spending time by yourself. You never know when these things will come handy in the future.

What can I learn from the US for my FI journey?

When I found out I was assigned to a project in the US one of the first things that came to mind was “how my FI journey could benefit from this?”

The US has much more investment/FI options than Spain and I want to take advantage of them!

  • Travel hacking

Common practice of the FI community, travel for free! I need to do my research on the best credit cards and try to earn some miles 🙂 Any tips there?

  • Low cost index funds

Our investment strategy is based on low cost index funds. We currently have the Amundi Global and the Amundi S & P 500. We had the Vanguard S & P500 but a change of fees from our platform (BNP) made us transfer to  Amundi.

On this subject what I say is: if the American funds have lower commissions … can I invest directly there? I’ve been listening to how great Vanguard VTSAX is for months. Could this be my chance to finally invest in it? Maybe the solution is to not being so exposed to the American FI influence. I’m looking at you JL Collins, Mr Money Mustache, Choose FI, etc. 😉 Although figuring it out from myself and adapting the ideas to my context is also fun!

  • ETFs

ETFs are a popular alternative to index funds. The regulations on them are expected to change in Spain and they will be transferable without paying taxes (as is the case with investment funds).  To take advantage of this I want to learn more about this investment vehicle in the US. I asked two acquaintances who invest in American ETFs and they do it through Fidelity and Ameritrade, so that will be my starting point. I have to explore better pros and cons and see if it is a good complement to our portfolio. Someone with experience in this field?

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